Re-inventing the flute and piano duo!

Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht, re-inventing the flute and piano duo

Founded in 2004, the duo of flutist Robert Dick and pianist Ursel Schlicht seeks nothing less than the redefinition of the flute and piano duo. Their music, integrating composition and improvisation, radically expands the sound world and expressive possibilities of the traditional configuration.


Their CDs 'The Galilean Moons' and 'Photosphere' received much critical acclaim.


The duo has performed in the United States, Iceland, Germany and Mexico. In New York, they have played at Merkin Hall on the Interpretations series, the Roulette series (Composers Now Festival), North River Concerts at the Greenwich House Music School, NYU’s Loewe Theater, the TriBeCa Arts Festival. Other US performances include Florida concerts at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Emit series, Music at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and Juneau Jazz and Classics. International highlights include the Dark Musik Days Festival in Rejkjavik and the International Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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See You Again, Is A Song (piano, flute+glissando head) 12:40
Rune (piano, contrabass flute) 22:30
Piano Solo 35:30
Bass Flute Solo (inspired by African Bell Patterns) 45:20
Ghost Blues (piano/flute+glissando head) 55:20
A Feather, Framed 1:07:00

Premiering new music for flute(s) and piano, Robert Dick and Ursel Schlicht continue the creative journey they began in 2004. Their ever-evolving work seeks nothing less than the redefinition of the flute-piano duo. Their music radically expands the sound world and expressive possibilities of the traditional configuration. All of their music involves improvisation, rated uniquely in each work.

Robert Dick – flutes (Glissando Flute®, bass flute, contrabass flute, piccolo)

Ursel Schlicht – piano (on keyboard and inside instrument)



For information and booking in the USA:, 718 517-1443


#1 Io, from The Galilean Moons, composed jointly by Robert Dick and Ursel Schlicht:

In our four movement suite The Galilean Moons, we sonically portray each of the four moons of Jupiter originally found by Galileo. Io is the most volcanically active body in our solar system, and with the unique bass flute in F and prepared piano, we portray its violence and nobility.

#2 — Tendrils, composed by Ursel Schlicht:

Tendrils joyously explores two supposedly impossible realms, that of glissandi for the flute and the piano. With the Glissando Headjoint® that Robert invented, flute notes can liquidly flow to and from each other. With Ursel’s sliding glass weights on the piano strings, an entirely new and compelling soundworld emerges from the piano.

#3 — Improvisation:

This spontaneous, lyric statement for flute and piano was improvised in concert.

For information and booking:

Robert Dick,, 718 517-1443

Ursel Schlicht,